Automatic Renewal Service Rules

As a supplementary agreement to the Noizz Membership Service Agreement, these Rules form integral parts of this Agreement, and shall have equal legal effect as that of this Agreement. In case of any conflicts between these Rules and the Noizz Membership Service Agreement, these Rules shall prevail. Please read the provisions of these Rules carefully before tapping "Let’s start the trial" to use Automatic Noizz Membership Subscription Service. When you Subscribe this service, you are deemed as having fully understood and agreed on the following rules:

1. This service refers to the automatic membership renewal on the premises that you have Subscribed Noizz Subscription Membership Service. When you Subscribed this service, you will be deemed to have authorized YY Inc. to deduct the service fee for the following service period, on your behalf, from the balance in your Google Play or App Store account (hereinafter referred to as "Account") when your Noizz subscription membership is about to expire. The service period includes but not limited to one month, one year, two years, three years, etc. (subject to the service period you choose). After activating this service, please ensure that you have bound your Noizz subscription membership account with the above Account, the balance of which shall not less than the amount of service fee to be paid. In case of failure to renew automatically due to your failure to bind as required in the above or the insufficient amount in your Account, you shall take all consequences arising therefrom.

2. Where you have Subscribed automatic membership renewal service, your service fee will be automatically deducted from the Account bound 24 hours prior to the expiration of each service period, and your membership will be extended to the corresponding period accordingly. If you want to cancel your subscription, please open APP Store (for ios): tap "Account" - > "Subscription Management" and enter into "Subscription Editing" page, and then tap "Cancel Subscription". Or open Google Play (for Android): tap "Account" - > "VIP Membership" and enter “My VIP membership” page, and then tap "Automatic Renewal Management" to enter into the “Automatic Renewal Management” page - > tap "Cancel Automatic Renewal" at the bottom of this page to cancel. If you do not cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of your subscription period, you will be deemed to have agreed to continue the authorization, and this subscription will be automatically renewed.